Best Mortgage Rates

Term Best Rates
1 year 2.29
2 Year 2.19
3 Year 2.34
4 Year 2.54
5 Year Special 2.59
Prime Rate 2.85
5 Year Variable P-.65%
Bank of Canada Rate 4.74

These rates are updated daily

Ashanti Munaweera

I am an experienced mortgage broker with Verico Mortgage Options Ltd. I can help you save money by making better finanncial choices for your future.

Finding a mortgage that’s right for you

Rather than having you conform to a mortgage, I find the mortgage that’s perfect for you.

I don’t work for them--i work for you

I don’t work for a big, faceless financial institution--I work for you. I’m not limited to one company’s limited range of products. Instead, I leverage a powerful mortgage broker network rather than using generic mortgage products.

Experience, knowledge and network

I have the experience, the knowledge and the network to get you into the right mortgage for your budget, lifestyle and financial objectives.

I work with over 50 lending institutions across the country, including:

  • chartered banks
  • mortgage companies
  • trust companies
  • private mortgage investors
  • This means I can give you unbiased referrals to a lender.

Don’t get sold

Don’t get sold an “off the shelf” mortgage product again. I can find you the right:

  • First mortgage
  • Home equity loan
  • Consolidation mortgage
  • Retirement assistance mortgage

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